Why Do Air Con Unit Need Chemical Overhaul

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Most of us feel comfortable at 23-25 deg C and with certain amount of air movement in the room.

The air conditioner works by recirculating the air in that room where the air con is installed. The air are then passes through the cooling coil with refrigerant gas circulation inside the pipes (Check or top up gas refer to this refrigerant gas. Newer air con are likely to be charged with R410 as R22 are already phase out).

Before the room air pass to the cooling coil, the will go through the air con filter (this filter refer to the filter that you will see your technician bring to the toilet and wash), this filter net filter out most of the dirt in the air (but not 100%) before allowing air circulate into the cooling coil and blow our of the air con unit.

Why do we need to chemical overhaul is because over time (1 yrs or more, depend on how dusty the environment) dust from the filtered air will still stick to the cooling coil. As duct get accumulated, it restrict the air flow, hence you will feel a reduction of air blowing out from your unit. This will cause your room to feel warm and you will set the temperature lower and electricity bill to go higher.

To avoid all the above, We recommend you to do general cleaning at least every 3 months and duration of cleaning should adjust according to usages.

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Tips: To set the mode to fan only. leave it ON for 10-20 mins before switching it off. This will dry the coil and condensate water remain in the cooling coil. As water stagnated inside the cooling coil will become jelly like substance over time. This will make your cooling coil blocked and also causes water leakage issues if this jelly are flow into the drain pipe.

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