Air Con Size for HDB

What is the correct BTU (British Thermal Unit) for HDB

Air con unit are design to control the temperature and humdity of your room.

If you are reading this, I can assumed you are not some air con designer or engineer. Below are some simple and rule of thumb method to determine the correct size.

HDB Flat Owner

To get the correct air con size

Measures you room size (area in meter square) and divide it by 5.

ie. Cooling Capacity (Kw) = Room size (m²) / 5

To convert kw to Btu/hr, multiply Kw by 3412

To convert ft² to m², multipy ft² by 0.093

Simplify for HDB owner, use 9,000 Btu/hr (thats the standard size) for smaller bedroom and 12,000Btu/hr for the standard master bedroom. You only need to calculate the air con size for living room if you are planing to air conditioned the living room.

Notes: If you are staying bigger flat or landed click below and we will help you.

Tips: 2.5Kw wall mount air con unit = 9,000btu/hr

3.5Kw wall mount air con unit = 12,000btu/hr

If your living room is full glass wall facing outdoor or direct sunlight.

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